The British School of Barcelona is a caring, learning community with high expectations.

For more than 60 years, we have been inspiring young people to ensure they thrive in a world that is constantly changing, giving them the confidence and resilience to embrace every challenge.

Graded as one of the best British schools in the world, BSB offers an all-round international approach to children’s learning and development from 3 to 18 years that takes place on four different campuses: BSB Sitges, BSB Castelldefels, BSB City and BSB Nexus.

Through our enriched curriculum and an embedded culture of wellbeing and support, we help children reach their full potential and prepare them for the demands of an ever changing world.

We are a truly International school, fully accredited by the British and Spanish Governments, with our students graduating to some of the best International Universities around the World.

We look forward to sharing our BSB experience with you and your child.

An integrated, global education.

Our British education, in an international environment, will empower your child to be world ready and to ‘think globally’. From day one, they will be surrounded by students and teachers from a host of different countries who will help them develop a global perspective.

Outstanding academic results.

Our students are challenged to achieve the best academic results they possibly can, and given the support they need to do so. Each year they are successful in gaining places at their first-choice university, allowing them to attend the best Universities in Spain and around the world.

World-class learning campuses.

Welcoming more than 65 different nationalities, BSB is a genuinely international community. Visit any of our campuses and you will get to feel a culturally-diverse atmosphere filled with happiness, creativity, leadership and collaboration.

Meet our Principal, Mr. Jonathan Locke.

Focused on encouraging staff and students to innovate and work collaboratively, making learning far more powerful, Mr. Locke is highly empathic and positive, full of contagious energy, which is fundamental for the future development of The British School of Barcelona as a learning community.

"We have the highest possible expectations of our students and by allowing them to become architects of their own learning, we really ensure that they fulfil that potential."

- Mr Jonathan Locke, Principal

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An outstanding educational experience at all stages of your child's journey.


A happy place to feel inspired and thrive.

We have four campuses that cover all educational stages, from Early Years to Pre-University. These are located in Barcelona, Castelldefels and Sitges.

Significant investment in recent years has seen the development of each campus with excellent learning and sport facilities and undoubtedly unique in the local area.

Our campuses are perfectly placed to make the most of the stunning surrounding area where students can truly feel inspired and thrive.

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Visit our inspiring environments and feel the BSB learning atmosphere that instils a lifelong love of learning.
Four Campuses, Three Towns, One School.

BSB Sitges

Early Years and Primary (3 to 11 years)

BSB Castelldefels

Early Years, Primary and Secondary (3 to 16 years)

BSB Nexus (in Castelldefels)

Pre-University Education (16 to 18 years)

BSB City

Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Pre-University (3 to 18 years)

``The top-quality education provided and the outstanding academic achievements allow students to attend the best Universities in Spain and around the world.``

– BSO Inspection 2021

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