January 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that students at The British School of Barcelona have demonstrated great resilience and ability in achieving another set of excellent examination results at A Level, IB and GCSE despite a couple of years facing the challenges presented by Covid. Through a combination of their own hard work, expert guidance from their teachers and great support from their families, students have responded brilliantly, gaining results that have sent them to their University destinations of choice or allowed them to progress to the next stage of their education.

Once again, BSB examination results across the years demonstrate much higher levels of attainment when compared with national statistics, which is particularly pleasing in a year when the number of top grades awarded worldwide has been significantly lowered. Alongside this, as a non-selective and inclusive school we pride ourselves on offering an equal chance of success for all of our students. Our value added analysis demonstrates that our students are genuinely exceeding expectations and making exceptional progress, whatever their starting point.

Of course, behind the statistics lie a huge number of individual human stories. The pressures on young people to perform in these exams and the nerve-wracking wait they have to endure before receiving their final results is not to be under-estimated. Consequently, it has been fantastic to see so many students get, or exceed, the results they hoped for, allowing them to embark on some very exciting futures!

Well done to everyone who worked so hard to obtain such excellent grades!

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