November 27, 2020

BSB Bookflix is a brand-new initiative by the Secondary English department of The British School of Barcelona to promote reading among students, parents and staff. BSB Bookflix offers a fantastic opportunity to foster a love of reading, develop the Imagination learning habit, acquire new vocabulary and enhance technical writing skills such as grammar and punctuation rules. And not only that, but it’s also a powerful tool to help us slow down and relieve stress and anxiety.

Based on the concept of book recommendations, the BSB Bookflix project goes far beyond from reading by promoting creativity amongst students, whether that is through design or writing competitions.

BSB Bookflix already counts with no less than 13 Ambassadors, two per year group across Secondary and Pre-University, who will be in charge of developing the project further throughout the year.


What’s behind BSB Bookflix?

We have interviewed Ms Duarte, our Head of English and leader of the initiative, to find out what’s behind BSB Bookflix. Watch full interview or read an excerpt below:


What is BookFlix?

BSB Bookflix is an initiative that I saw working in some UK schools. It plays on the concept of Netflix where you have quite a few recommendations of things you might like to watch. I thought it might be fun for BSB to come up with a bookflix scheme, which is to promote reading amongst students and to get them actively engaged in trying to find different types of books to read.

It’s a good platform to give children some good recommendations about what they could be reading.


How will the reader be able to access those contents?

Bookflix will be on screens around school and on the BSB Bookflix Teams so all students across Secondary will be able to access the platform. In addition to recommendations, the Teams will have lots of information about competitions because we are having a point system: the more books you read the more points you get the more reviews you write the more point you get , and this will actually end up with some prizes at the end of the year.


How does reading enhance learning?

Reading isn’t just about the words on the page an expanding vocabulary. Through reading we are learning how to write. Reading can be a good way to teach student the grammar and punctuation rules in English as well. So, not only does reading gives flight to the imagination but it also helps with those technical skills for the accuracy of written expression.

Also, the more books you read, the more great ideas you get for your own writing. Really, it’s to help build the imagination as well.


How does this link to our overarching Learning Habits approach to learning?

As BSB has adopted the Learning Habits of Guy Claxton across the school, Bookflix will be linked to the learning habits as well, because one of the learning habits is imagination and what better way to enhance the imagination and getting students involved with different fictional worlds… Reading is one way to get the imagination going and transport students to different worlds.

Also, it could actually help with the listening part of the learning Habits, through audio books.


Do you believe that reading from an early age helps children become long-life readers?

The habits actually start at home from a very young age. The younger you can get children listening to books and reading them, the better, because it is a habit and it’s so easy when there are so many other gadgets around and stimuli, that it’s important to prioritise reading.

Also reading is a lovely pass time that can bring the family together.


Are there any other activities planned around this project?

There’s going to be free monthly competitions, such BSB Bookflix Creative where for example student have to design a book cover for their favourite book, a BSB Bookflix Writing competition to inspire creative writing and BSB Bookflix Review where students are encouraged to write with their book recommendations.


How do you think reading can help with mental health and manage anxiety?

Reading is one effective method of escapism. It is something you can do without a screen, to relax and just disconnect from all the media stimuli going on around. It’s also great for students to be able to experience different cultures, different people, different worlds inside their own home.

Books and reading can open up worlds for students even if they are just reading in their bedrooms.

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